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  • For your next conference, festival or exhibition – choose an app

    WHY AN APP? 

    We’re not in the USA where broadband speed is 2gig a second which, yes, would make a web app first choice.We took on the challenge of creating a native app, seeing that the delegates were mainly international guests, used to real-time action when they click a button. So: pre-loading of the app in their own country onto their ipads saved many a frown on current SA broadband speed should they have had to deal with a web app while attending the conference.

    We not only created a detailed programme with speaker information, but included a brief Cape Town tourism guide for all the first time visitors with information on SA culture, local transport, and some sightseeing options as well as a 360 degree panoramic view of Cape Town to take home as a memento.  ; )

    The experience of creating an app and going through all the channels of Apple’s approval process was definitely worth the months of blood, sweat and tears if you have a client as happy as this one:

    Client Feedback:
    “They created the most wonderful user-friendly app for delegates to download and keep up to speed on the SACF Festival. The Australian group of 24 who were on a study tour prior to the Festival had the opportunity on the bus in rural KZN to see what they could expect at the Festival in Cape Town the following week. The app proved to be a great “take home gift” to the international delegates with all the South African snippets, colours, info as well as the detail of the Festival. Thanks for giving our Festival the technological edge!”

    – Margie van Zyl Chapman, Chairman, SACF

  • Branding with zest!

    Enabling our clients to reach their full potential is often the most rewarding part of our job.  The SACF , an NPO, organised their first conference in Stellies in October 2014. We had the exciting but challenging task to create an all inclusive look and feel for the festival to establish an “uplifting brand”. Have a look at some details from the banners here.

    The festival was organised to celebrate the Richness of Ageing & the first of a biennial happening. Delegates attended from 12 countries across the globe to share their knowledge and engage in the festivities on offer: music, art, theatre and an academic programme.

    Branding of the festival

    We were solely responsible for the branding of this global conference and created the logo and visual language for the festival with a strong South African feel complimented by vibrant African colours.  The liberal use of colour became a strong design element which added a positive and cheerful energy.  This resonated very well with the international guests and they appreciated the illustrations of local items such as food, flowers, landmarks, icons etc.

    On that note,  we’ve got our thinking caps on as we’ve just been given the g0-ahead for the 2016 Festival!

    8 Large PVC banners with the colourful designs set the tone for the conference

    8 Large PVC banners with the colourful designs set the tone for the conference

    A few design elements at the festival.

    Happy buttons to all delegates.                                                     The programme with speaker profiles at the back.                                                   Festival signage was part of the deal


    Thanks so much for all your assistance over the past few months regarding The SACF Festival. Your design team worked amazingly well in producing wonderful elements for the entire Festival. The event was lovely and the branding enhanced the overall experience. Your team were lovely and professional and great to work with.”

    ~ Jill Engelbrecht ( Event coordinator: Chocolate Orange)


  • Open Design Cape Town 2014: Talk Reflection

    Last week we visited several talks at the annual cross-disciplinary Open Design Cape Town 2014.

    open design cape town 2014

    Open Design Cape Town 2014: Design Change With Open Source

    Thus far all the talks has been educational and informative in their own way. However, one specific discussion group really piqued our interest, the Design Change With Open Source presented on Friday the 15th. Although we were dissapointed that Danny Day from QCF Design couldn’t make the talk (we’ve heard a lot of good things about his well known project Desktop Dungeons!) we were extremely impressed by the work of Colette Fransolette from Universal Design Africa. Specifically by her push for the development of open source methodologies to simplify the overtly complex process of accounting for universal design in local fields such as architecture and engineering.


    The difference between designing doors or a hyperlinks?

    Purely from a reflective standpoint it is interesting to see overarching trends from one’s own field also represented in other areas. Thinking back at how far web development have come the past decade (or perhaps even few years!) it’s insightful to see how these approaches in the development and navigation of the city space also reflects in the development and navigation of the contemporary cyber landscape. Just as Colette is pushing to create adaptive and modular open source solutions to ease complex processes such as universal design, so there are a myriad of tools at the disposal of those shaping the accessibility and navigation of the online landscape.



    WordPress, the Digital Foreman.

    The most prominent is the development of open source CMS platforms (with WordPress being our favourite without a doubt!). Gone are the days where everything had to be built from the ground up, often with disastrous consequences for the average web user – as hordes of amateurs took it upon themselves to build websites for everything from their small business enterprise to their favourite hobby. However, without grasping how these sites impact the user within the wider online landscape we were left with a cacophony of websites that only worked on some browser, were sometimes un-navigable by the average user or couldn’t be found by search engines.


    Now with the rise of Open Source CMS platforms like WordPress, which generate all the basic technicalities such as proper search engine meta-tags, cross-device responsiveness and easy to understand site structures the average user has a much easier time traversing the corridors (as well as stairs and doors) of the digital landscape. We’re so convinced in the power of these tools that we present our clients with the option of training them in WordPress to allow them to design, build and maintain their entire site without our help (although we’re more than happy to lend a helping hand should they need one!).


    Want to learn more?

    If you’d like to learn more about WordPress and how you can build and mantain your own website visit or send us an email at

  • Open Design 2014: Our Experience

    IMG_1894x IMG_1893 IMG_1900 IMG_1898 IMG_1897 IMG_1896 IMG_1895


    The Open Design festival is a celebration of Cape Town as World Design Capital. It consists of various talks, debates, movies, exhibitions as well as a walk-through exhibition displaying creative education choices from different schools of design. In the cafe area there is a huge snake-like (symbol of infinity) sculpture, made of wire that was exhibited at Afrikaburn. An event held annually in the Tankwa Karoo in South Africa. Also, the display panels showing directions around the exhibition were uniquely done for easy access through the hall designed by Infestation. Congratz dudes. Very well conceptualised and executed. We attended the Thursday, 14 Augusts’ 12:30 talk session about collaborations between formal and informal sectors where people were developing better housing methods for architectural challenges endemic to SA. Read more here

  • Feeling the passion for Pantone’s colour for 2014

    After many predictions from the colour experts…

    Screen Shot 2014-04-16 at 12.23.26 PM

    Pantone surprised us all with their suggestion as Radiant Orchid.

    Screen Shot 2014-04-16 at 12.25.26 PM

    Embrace this rosy pink colour and allow the variants, shades and tints to take you out of your comfort zone.


    Infographic – Source –
    Atricle – Source –


  • The longform? Not Tai Chi but multimedia storytelling.

    Screen Shot 2014-04-16 at 9.34.51 AM

    Screen Shot 2014-04-16 at 9.37.55 AM

  • What is content marketing? and why does designers need to get with-it?

    Screen shot 2014-04-04 at 11.15.35 AM

  • Lets applaud brave entrepreneurial doing!

    Screen shot 2014-04-02 at 10.18.17 AM

    Now boarding, creative agency in CT proposed an alternative CT logo.

    What a brave gesture! and getting free publicity! sure – soon you’ll be able to make back your unbillable hours!

    Well done!

  • Performance is a crucial design feature

    If your website is 15mb it’s not HTML5. It’s stupid!!!

    Screen shot 2014-03-24 at 4.06.50 PM

  • A New Model For Online Magazines

    The revamped, digital-only NEWSWEEK, designed by Huge, aims to bring print mag qualities like cohesion and curation to the web.
    Screen shot 2014-03-20 at 4.23.57 PM